Wheelie informative!

wheelie bins

At the New Hall AGM in Walmley Community Hall, local officials in charge of the rollout scheme bravely fought off the fears, concerns, questions, frustrations and at times anger of local residents.

How can a second floor maisonette flat be suitable for two wheelie bins? Where can I possibly store them? how do we get assisted collections? Why has my reassessment been declined? What if the bins are not big enough for my guests or during Christmas? Its an eye sore! What about the elderly, infirm, disabled? Its unwieldy, not suitable, an obstacle!

The roll out has been poorly organised, the consultation not enrolling, assessments of property allegedly done via googlemaps, and not enough understanding generated with residents through goodwill and communication for agreement and acceptance to exist.

It is however as one resident put it:

“You are forcing us to do something on our own private property that we don’t want to do and don’t have a choice about. Is that reasonable?”

  • If you want to request assisted deliveries telephone 0121 303 1112 and they will assess to see if you fit the criteria.
  • The roll out in the Sutton Coldfield New Hall area will begin Easter time.

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