Sutton Coldfield Residents say no to Building on the Green Belt


An overwhelming number of Sutton Coldfield residents are opposed to plans by developers to build on the Green Belt. With the consultation period drawing to a close, Project Fields, local Councillors and residents associations came out on one last push to demonstrate clearly this feeling.

Britain’s Green Belt areas are entrusted to us for future generations. They were designed to check urban sprawl and to place pressure on developers to be innovative in their use of available land, and to regenerate available brownfield sites, disused industry, abandoned office areas. Legislation around building on Green Belt should only be considered when conditions for ‘exceptional circumstances’ have been met. This has not been adequately been demonstrated.

As of April 2015, Birmingham has estimated capacity for around 23,000 additional houses already committed but not yet started. Land without commitment accounted for around 137 hectares of land across the city. The argument has long been to regenerate and develop these areas first to revitalise the city, before turning to the easy and most profitable solution as the Green belt Policy intended.

We hope that the inspector can take this into consideration when making his decision.

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