Child Sexual Exploitation: So much more to get right.


“A great deal of work has gone into improving the response of Birmingham City Council and its partners to the terrible crime of child sexual exploitation in the city. We have a CSE operational group chaired by West Midlands Police to share intelligence about victims and perpetrators, possible locations, patterns which might indicate groups of offending. There is an agreed risk assessment tool for young people considered at risk leading to support plans. Considerable progress has been made in establishing multi-agency systems including MASE and working with other partners such as Barnardo’s or the Council’s own family support service to identify many more potential victims and perpetrators.”

Birmingham City Council: Education and Vulnerable Children Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

In the quarter October 2015-December 2015, 220 young people aged between 11-17 were identified/ being worked with who were judged at risk of CSE.

Progress has been made. Although it is clear there is still so much more to do.

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