An efficient Birmingham Council

Efficiency is at the heart of any strong business and country. The answer cannot be relentlessly throwing more money good after bad, but living within our means, a strong growing economy, a fair society that works for everyone and crucially making sure that resources are directed to where they are needed and not wasted needlessly.


Birmingham’s Labour Leadership in Council are undoubtedly wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax payers money on consultants instead of putting it towards front line services. Cllr Jenkins highlighted the case in Full Council where some £300,000 was paid to outside consultants to advise the council on the Service Birmingham IT contract- a contact that is part owned and negotiated at great cost to the city. £27,000 was spent on a report into school transport for special needs children which proposals that were unworkable, nonsense and ultimately ignored. Some £4 million has been paid to consultants since the start of 2014 to support Children Services- a department still in special measures and now being taken from the failing Birmingham authority into a governmental trust.

A PR Consultant was hired for almost £1000 a day to improve the image of the city.

Huge levels of sickness in council staff not only reflects poor morale and leadership in the administration, but impacts on delivery of services huge unnecessary costs in agency staff, overtime costing the council some £4m in 2015/16. Poor leadership is ale the reason why £10.5m was spent on purchasing a fleet of ‘one size fits all’ waste wagons which ended up being too wide for some streets. The council also wrote off nearly £9m in uncollected business rates in 2015/16- that’s £4.5m in direct income for the city written off under delegated powers and so not subject to any form of scrutiny of oversight.

Instead the Labour group have cut funding from homelessness and animal protection saving the city £550,000 and £26,000.

These are wasted tax payers money which should be spent on services, front line causes, building a stronger society. Where is the strong leadership that would ensure an efficient service the people deserve for the longterm growth and future of the city?


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