Mayor Andy Street


Thank you everyone who helped, supported and voted for Andy Street in the West Midlands combined Authority elections May 2017!

I’m delighted to have played a small part in a huge team and effort to get Andy in. Working so closely with him at events, leafleting, hustings and campaigning I am struck with several things which have made a lasting impression on me.

Andy was never late for anything. Not one appointment he had with me was he late for. Even with his incredible schedule criss-crossing West Midlands he was punctual often when we weren’t. He took the time to speak to residents, only wanted to meet people, and as many people as he could, and listened with an intensity which I could see left residents with a positive impression even if they were not normally Conservative leaning. I was left feeling if only he could shake the hand of every resident in Birmingham we would be fine. Thanks to his determination and campaign staff he probably wasn’t too far off achieving that. It also struck me how focused and determined he was- not on getting elected, but on making the region and city better. This subtle distinction between being attached to the election, and committed to the city was small, but how it manifested itself in a style of campaigning was significant.

On the day of the count, I was more nervous for him than for my own election- so much of the future direction and success of the city was riding on his success, getting- we felt- the right person with the right skills in post, with the plan, ideas and motivation elected. In the hall we were going back and forth between tables representing each ward and region, pooling the numbers, counting, recounting, adding them from Coventry, Solihull, Walsall, Dudley.. hours of counting, waiting.. I think we may have just done it. I think we have you know. What a sense of relief! 6 months of campaigning- it was all worth it.

Good luck Andy, I know you will do your very best in service of the city. May the 4th was with us!

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