What a load of Rubbish

On behalf of residents I have set up a petition on change.org calling on Birmingham City Council to refund a proportion of Council Tax to residents in light of 5 weeks of bin strikes and missed collections.


As a local councillor for Birmingham City Council, I have had many residents contact me expressing their frustration and anger at still not having their waste collected- a basic service which residents should rightly have operating as a matter of course. Their patience is being rightly tested- 5 weeks is no short duration- and with the strikes being extended residents are wondering how much worse is it going to get and what are they paying their council tax for.

Even green collections- which residents have to pay £35-40 pounds for 22 collections are being affected- with Council committing to only refunding residents if three consecutive collections have been missed.

I feel that these views and frustrations should be properly recorded and put to Council for at the very least a formal response. After all I am elected to represent residents of the city.

If you are in support of this then please register your voice at the link below.



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