Four waste Cabinet Members in less than one year..

Well this sums up Birmingham City Council for you. After just three months in charge, Cllr Brett O’Reilly is stepping down as the city’s Clean Streets, Waste and Recycling Cabinet Member.

The waste strikes in Birmingham have cost the city well over £12 million pounds and is being subsidised by funds meant for vulnerable older people. It is the collective failure of the Labour controlled council which has caused the strikes and their mismanagement that has cost the city dearly in money and reputation.

I constantly receive emails and calls from residents still without a reliable service- the basics of a provision council is supposed to provide. Very frustrating times for us all with no end in sight.

Key facts:

  • Three months of strikes in 2017 cost the city over £6m.
  • Strikes in February 2019 are costing the city £5,8m so far.
  • Legal costs are more than £1.45m.
  • There is an estimated £1m in settlement payments.
  • At one point, 1030 calls to BCC a day were being made.


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