Christchurch’s response to Mosque shootings in March

Little seen in British press is the news that over 10,000 firearms have been bought by the New Zeland Government in a month as part of a gun buy-back scheme.

51 men women and children were killed in two mosques in March and since then the government has moved rapidly to react to the tragedy. A bill outlawing most automatic and semi-automatic weapons was passed 119 votes to 1 in April and people have till December to hand in now-prohibited weapons under amnesty of under this scheme.

The response of New Zeland to America’s Mass shooting in a Walmart store in El Paso which killed some 22 people and injured 26, followed by a shooting in Ohio which left a further nine dead.

Since 2019 in America (as of 5th August 2019) there has been:

-8,574 gun deaths
-17,013 gun injuries
-377 kids (age 0-11) shot
-1,765 teens (age 12-17) shot
-1,016 armed home invasions
-248 mass shootings

Thats more mass shootings in America than days in the year so far. As outrage of the El Paso and Dayton tragedies turn to sadness, acceptance and committed to memory it is more important now than ever to remember the lives and futures lost and families forever scarred.

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