EHS Ethics Forum Discussion

Superb morning today at my sisters old school Edgbaston High School speaking on their Ethics Forum discussion panel covering questions posed by students including knife crime, homelessness, the use of language in politics, voting at 16, and of course Brexit!

Thank you for listening so respectfully to dissenting and opposing views, sharing, your sharp and insightful questions and being so wonderfully engaged in our democracy!

On more contentious matters it is clear a return to an ability to agree to disagree with each other is needed in todays society. When asked about Brexit, a second referendum, where we are to go from here, my answer is the same. The Brexit debate has polarised society enormously and yet it is far from the most pressing issue which concerns us all.We are all correct in our views grounded in our belief what we believe in is what is best for the country. There is however only one road which we can take and a choice needs to be made which will undoubtedly upset a large number of people. Ultimately, we must find a way to come together.

Was a delight to be with you, best of luck with your studies- thank you for having us, we can see that our future is safe in your hands.

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