KEVI Camp Hill Community Governorship

Delighted to be accepted as a Community Governor at my old secondary school King Edwards Camp Hill Boys in Kings Heath. Last week I was back at school after 20 years to observe a few lessons with fellow governors, see the changes to the buildings, and to sit on the same uncomfortable science stools (and through the same bewildering lessons!)

Camp Hill has gone through some changes to their admissions process which has concerned parents of existing pupils, families living outside new catchment areas and pupils hoping to join the school now subject to new criteria. Some changes include catchment areas, prioritising of Birmingham Looked After Children, and pupils on Pupil Premium. These changed makes the foundation ever more accessible and open to all based on merit.

Over the last year alongside passionate parents I have attended public meetings and championed the concerns of parents to Birmingham Council and the Foundation to help ensure that the consultation process is a genuine one and feedback is heard.

2,3,4,5- tetra-hydroxypentanal anyone?

My parents sacrificed a lot for my education and future so I can appreciate a little of their concerns and their passion in the future education of their children and Camp Hill. In the years to come I am looking forward to giving a little back to the institution which taught me so much, where I made my closest friends and gave me some of my fondest memories, and ensuring the future of the school remains a bright one.

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