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Council Tax Refunds for Missed Waste Collections- Rejected twice by Labour

Two sets of bin strikes paralysed the city from 2017 ending only in March this year. Do you remember the inconvenience and mess for this basic service? Not only did they cause misery for thousands of residents with some not having any collections for 10 consecutive weeks, but they cost the city a over a staggering £15m in total.

Two years ago this week, I submitted a petition of over 14,500 signatories from residents calling for a proportional refund to their council tax. Calls for this apology refund was disgracefully voted down at committee- on the Labour Chair’s casting vote after it was tied 4-4 in December 2017.

Incredibly waste strikes resumed December 2018 lasting a further 3 months until March 2019. The final insult to residents..

.. a second call to reimburse families for ‘costs incurred associated with clearing the waste after two consecutive missed collections‘ was led by Cllr Deirdre Alden (Birmingham Edgbaston) and myself in July 2019. This was not allowed full debate at Full Council and summarily voted down despite calls by Conservative councillors to allow time to hold a proper debate on the issue. The Labour councillors wanted to avoid scrutiny and go home. The meeting closed 6.25pm.

This cost to our city in reputation, inconvenience to families for a basic statutory service that should just happen arose from the incompetence of this Labour run council. That £15m should have been spent on public services not on legal fees, pay outs and agency staff. Meanwhile Labour continues to fail in its responsibilities to residents, twice refused to compensate residents for failing to deliver a basic service needlessly wasting taxpayers money that we do not have on two pointless waste strikes that have achieved nothing.

In December remember what you get with Labour- years of bin strikes, wasting public resources, and no financial management completely failing our city.

Birmingham Full Council July 2019- Motions for Debate- Calls for Refunds for costs incurred with clearing waste.

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