COVID Related Hate Crime on the Increase

Since the beginning of COVID there has been a 300% increase in reported hate
crimes against people of SEAsian and Chinese background heritage. Last February
we saw an innocent Singaporean student beaten up in a public place in an
unprovoked attack with a group of boys saying “We don’t want your
coronavirus in our country”. The harm meted against someone simply because
of their heritage- which is not Chinese and has nothing to do with the COVID
virus- was violent, incredibly ignorant, but sadly not isolated. We have had
reports of primary school students been bullied at school, through to
businesses and the elderly being targeted.

I hope this sentence will prove as a strong deterrent against baseless
racially aggravated assaults against people of the SEAsian and Chinese
community, but also a reminder to law enforcement agencies of the importance to
follow up on these cases and to see them through to their conclusion.

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