We All Have A Voice

Had a lot of fun speaking on a cross-party panel of Councillors for I Have A
Voice, on the importance of voter registration, participation and
representation for everyone in our great country- especially young adults who
so often feel under represented, marginalised and generally have a lower turn
out for elections.

Elections come around once every few years and it is our right to stand up
and be heard, a right that people only a few decades ago and still are across
the world do not have and have fought and died to have and protect. I, along
with many other elected members, are proud of what we have achieved from
getting council tax refunds, to leading campaigns to improve our local
community. They may be small matters, but they matter a great deal to those who
have been affected. Be the difference you want to see in the world! And it all
starts with a short walk to your local polling station.


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