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Home to School Transport Failures Roll On

This September start of term has seen yet another catastrophic start of term for hundreds of children across the city with special educational needs of disabilities and their home to school transport service that is provided by the Council.

We have seen yet again cases of letters containing confidential details sent to the wrong homes- a serious safeguarding breach-, children “forgotten and in meltdown”, as buses fail to arrive without anyone telling parents what is going on, children on buses for hours, parents not knowing where their children are, and with the phones going unanswered.

Her daughter had already been late arriving at school after only being picked up at 9.15am – instead of her pick up time of 7.45am.

The bus is accompanied by a guide who also works at the school – so he was late too, she said.

She said: “I have sent very strong emails to Cllr Ian Ward (council leader) because parents are angrier than we have ever known.

“Parents would have been happier if they had said they needed two more weeks to get this right rather than make false promises.

“Children with special needs rely on a routine and familiarity – this confusion has caused misery at a time that is already stressful, with it being the start of a new school year.

“It’s causing tears, meltdowns, mental health issues, it’s not acceptable at all. Parents are absolutely fuming. The anger is great.”

Birmingham Parent. September 2021

This after years of failures, years of safeguarding risks with DBS checks going undone, buses without proper checks or safety equipment, with repeated promises that next year will be different. This Labour run Council goes from one failure to another in breathtaking fashion without any accountability or answers to parents who are left picking up the pieces. When will this service be run properly and be reliable for families? When the bins are also collected reliably and properly too..

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