Uyghurs Subjected to Genocide by China

Systematic abuse, torture, separation indoctrination, imprisonment and surveillance
of hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs in Xingjiang Province is an appalling human
rights abuse, ignored by the wider world largely unreported in the wider press.

From mosques being summarily destroyed, only evidenced by satellite imagery,
to a huge expansion of indoctrination and surveillance of citizens, to people
being rounded up and forced into education centres, forced labour and religious
repression, the details on what has actually happened- and to what scale- is
staggeringly sparse. What we do know is that these crimes against humanity have
largely gone unchecked, undocumented and with little chance of prosecutions or
justice being seen.

What has happened must not be allowed to fade and disappear. People must be
held accountable for their actions and the truth must be out.


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