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No Waste Collections; No Accountability; No Transparency

Appalling scenes at our Birmingham City Council Full Council meeting this evening where the Birmingham Labour Group repeatedly blocked efforts by the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Group to discuss the Lib Dem’s motion calling ‘No Confidence’ in the city’s waste service.

There were two motions to be discussed over the 90 minute section. The first motion started off well enough, but as the clock ticked on into the 50th minute, and then the 55th minute, with Labour speaker after Labour speaker standing up to give their contribution, the Lib Dem and Conservative group started to call for the question and the motion to be put allowing the next matter to be put. These were voted down again and again and again.

This left only ten minutes for the second motion- hardly any time enough for any speeches only for the matter to be proposed and seconded without any other debate. This silencing of a proper debate showed an utter distain not just for democratic debate and discussion, but for residents who for months, had been living through missed collections during a recent waste collection strike. This Labour Council have yet again shown their true colours stifiing debate, filibustering the time away from elected representatives to represent their residents.

No collections, no openness, no transparency, no accountability.

Watch the live stream and make up your own mind- is this what you expect of your democratically elected Labour members? Birmingham City Council, Full Council, 1st February 2022.

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