Hong Kong Ready Churches

Delighted to be part of the Hong Kong Ready Churches across the UK supporting the some 100,000 HKers looking at moving to Britain taking advantage of the new BNO visa route opened by my Conservative Party and Government. More than 500 churches across the UK have responded to the call including my own in Walmley Sutton Coldfield where I am it’s representative, demonstrating clearly in actions and words our Christian values to our fellow brothers and sisters. Many are being forced to leave because their home has become unrecognisable, or worse, they are fearing or have had to deal with the consequences of a severe restriction on their freedoms and liberty. We will be working together to develop a series of Friendship Festivals across the country, as well as support efforts for the peaceful integration of so many people coming into a country that is in so many ways different, but grounded in thre same principles.

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