CCCB HKers Public Surgery

Alex was delighted to speak to a group of newly arrived Hongkongers into Birmingham at the Chinese Community Centre Birmingham as a local Councillor offering advice and support for any issues in the area.

He spent over an hour answering questions from local residents and helping them with issues that they have been facing from getting education for their children, National Insurance number applications, driving, tenancy matters, work and issues with their council tax bills.

Ordinary difficulties in accessing support and getting answers from Council are compounded by this group of residents by language barriers as well as cultural differences and many common misunderstandings associated with arriving in a new country with little support. Many families are relocating through their British National Overseas passport here to Birmingham and across Britain to seek a better life, with others forced because of fears of political persecution and reprisals. They all deserve and need our support, help and welcome, we should welcome them with open arms and applaud their bravey for fighting for what they truly believe in. I look forward to working with UKHK Welcome and the CCCB with Birmingham joining Welcome Festivals from across the country.

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