HongKongers out again in Harborne for the Conservatives

Out again with a wonderful group of HK friends in Birmingham from our local church campaigning for Cllr Peter Fowler and Harriet O’Hara in Harborne, and the Conservative Party. It was this government’s HK BNO policy which took the bold decision giving those who stood up for democracy, freedom of speech and self determination a safe route to leave the security clampdown on HK.

It is great to be able to talk to them directly in person after our leafletting sessions, and really listen to them about what they have been through in Hong Kong and how they are now settling in the UK. #FightforDemocracy

I sincerely wish my good friend and colleague Peter every best in the election and hope that residents will return this hard working and dedicated local champion to his role.

One thought on “HongKongers out again in Harborne for the Conservatives

  1. Great work for Peter and great that so many Hong Kong helpers keep Peter as a councillor keep up the good work all

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