Salisbury Gr- Petition to be Resurfaced

Many residents have contacted me asking me why Salisbury Grove is in such a terrible state of disrepair. The roads are managed by Birmingham City Council under a contract with KEIR. As your elected member I can- with your help- petition for certain roads to be looked at, but the decision ultimately rests with KEIR to see if it meets their requirements for works to be done.

We have together successfully got Broadsfield, Vesey and now Maney Hill Rd fully resurfaced and I am asking for your help to get Salisbury Gr looked at.

Please take a few moments to sign and share this petition. Your details will be held securely and only used to keep you informed on Wylde Green relevent matters, and submitted to Council. Please be sure to sign using your postcode as this will verify the signature.

With thanks in advance, Alex.

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