HK Cardinal Joseph Zen arrested under Security Law

Getty Images from AI.

The arrest of a 90 Cardinal in HK should alarm Christians and freedom loving people across the world. Others arrested include Denise Ho, Margaret Ng and Dr Keung accused of breaking the National Security Law. Amnesty International called it a ‘shocking escellation of repression.. a callous disregard for the basic right sof its citizens.’

“Even by Hong Kong’s recent standards of worsening repression, these arrests represent a shocking escalation. Some of the city’s most respected pro-democracy figures, whose activism has always been entirely peaceful, are now potentially facing years in jail. There could be few more poignant examples of the utter disintegration of human rights in Hong Kong.

Amnesty International.

A former bishop of Hong Kong, he has been a long critic of Beijing and the repression of freedoms and democracy in HK. His arrest, with others, for peaceful activities, and for providing legal and financial support to others- the basis of basic human rights of fair trial and representation- is a sign of how much Hong Kong has changed for the worse.

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