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Walmley and Sutton Coldfield has been home to my family and I for the past 16 years where we moved up from Hollywood South Birmingham. The whole of Walmley is a beautifully cozy area where the pace of life is a lot calmer and a strong sense of community spirit. This can be clearly be seen by its strong local resident associations and groups, church groups and over subscribed schools, where people come together to support and improve the area. Below I outline just a few!

Wylde Green Neighbourhood Forum:


The WGNF is a residents association of Wylde Green Residents with the committee comprising of volunteers who give up their time to benefit their local community. We support local businesses in Wylde Green, undertake local campaigns in the public interest, regular local meetings to discuss local issues and organise regular litter picks to keep the area tidy.

I am proud to be part of their wonderful group helping with their website and as a volunteer at their events.

Sutton’s Green Belt:

project fields

Led by local resident Suzanne Webb, Project Fields was established to fight against the proposed building of initially 10,000 houses on the greenbelt land in Walmley. After a year-long consultation process where more than 1,600 residents responded with the vast majority objecting to the development, proposals are still going ahead with even the intervention of Project Fields bringing a voice to residents, Andrew Mitchell MP and Local councillors not being enough.

The entire purpose of having a Green Belt is to put pressure on developers to redevelop other areas, to out a limit on urban sprawl, to protect the countryside and wildlife and the nature of our country. While none doubts the need for more housing in Birmingham, it is ludicrous that at the first sign of pressure, we should so readily sacrifice countryside that will be forever gone. There are some 18,000 units available on sites in inner-city areas of Birmingham. Lets encourage developers to redevelop these areas first.

Those interested, please voice your concerns, join in the debate, participate in meetings and protests and make the developers and Birmingham Council rethink their plans to protect our Countryside over easy profits.

Walmley Village:

walmley village

A great little village shopping area centred around a local post office, Coop and chemists all opposite St Johns the local church. Village life at it’s best! For those who like a bit of history, a link for you to browse through.