Sutton Coldfield Conservatives

I’m proud to be a the Conservative Councillor for Sutton Wylde Green serving residents in Sutton Coldfield since 2015.

I believe that the Conservatives are the best party for Sutton Coldfields’ interests and have seen the hardwork that the local Conservative Councillors and campaigners have done for the area and looking out for the interests of local residents- not an easy task under a Labour-led City Council! Issues such as the wheelie bin rollout, repeated strikes with waste collection, green belt development, increases in council tax and introduction of garden tax have all gone ahead despite the objections of local residents and Conservative Councillors. I also believe in the core conservative values of hard work, the need for a strong economy, entrepreneurship and firm leadership.

Having been a resident for over 19 years I believe I know the local area and will endeavour to represent it’s residents, it’s values, needs and interests to the very best of my ability.