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I’m delighted and proud to be a the Conservative Councillor for Sutton New Hall.

Having worked alongside and learnt from the three existing Conservative councillors Cllrs David Barrie, Ken Wood and Guy Roberts, I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to follow in their footsteps and to represent the area where I live and all residents.

calder drive2The Conservatives have strongly opposed the proposals for building 6,000 homes on the Green Belt area to the back of Springfield Road. Although we fully appreciate the need for sufficient housing in Birmingham to meet demand and future expected growth, we believe that the consultation process has been woeful and not followed properly, there are many other alternatives which will protect the countryside, the criteria for overruling Green Belt protected status has not been met, and more crucially the infrastructure in Walmley cannot support that sudden influx of housing.

Numerous reports have found that redesignating so-called brownfield sites ail make around 45,000 homes, which will be less profitable for developers but will meet the need. Green Belt land requires evidence of ‘exceptional circumstances’ to justify overriding thepolicy. We do not feel this has been met. Finally, Walmley itself already has inadequate road infrastructure, insufficient schooling, doctor surgeries, for its existing residents let alone an extra 6,000 households. This has been borne out by numerous surveys, petitions, resident replies to consultations.Project Fields1

In supporting the efforts of local campaigners such as Project Fields leader Suzanne Webb and bringing together a united voice in opposition we are hopeful these proposals will be delayed untilled more reasoned thought prevails.

With Andrew Mitchell MP we were proud to campaign for and to regain the Royal status associated with Sutton Coldfield. Following a high-profile campaign with the Sutton Coldfield Observer it was reaffirmed in June 2014.

I believe that the Sutton Coldfield Conservatives are the best party for Sutton’s’ interests and have seen the hardwork that the local Conservative Councillors have done for the area and looking out for the interests of local residents- not an easy task under a Labour-led City Council! Issues such as the wheelie bin rollout, green belt development and garden tax have all gone ahead despite the objections of local residents and Conservative Councillors. I also believe in the core conservative values of hard work, the need for a strong economy, entrepreneurship and firm leadership.

IMG_2134Having been a resident for over 15 years I believe I know the local area and will endeavour to represent it’s residents, it’s values, needs and interests to the very best of my ability.