The Sentencing Council has published revised sentencing guidelines for child sexual offences in cases where no sexual activity takes place, or the targeted child does not exist. The revised guidelines clarify how courts in England and Wales should sentence offenders convicted of these offences.


#SpeakOut always and from the heart.

Delighted and was a huge privilage to be asked as a judge once more for the West Midlands regional final of the @SpeakersTrust and #AimhigherWM. 13 incredibly brave and talented students thrust on a stage to speak for up to three minutes on a topic of their choosing demonstrating the huge value of a well structured, organised and confident speech. #SpeakOut

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Arrests after reports of FGM in unregistered Birmingham School

Three men have been arrested in connection with reports of #FGM offences at an unregistered Birmingham school.

While investigations are continuing I will be following up on these allegations of this abuse going undetected in our city on children at Council as soon as possible. The full extent of this must be determined and those responsible held to account and our policies reviewed. It is deplorable how after years on Safeguarding Children Scrutiny, precious little seems to have impacted on the wellbeing and standards in the City. Council must maintain a safe and transparant teaching environment for our children- a duty they have repeated been found lacking by OFSTED over years.

HK Cardinal Joseph Zen arrested under Security Law

Getty Images from AI.

The arrest of a 90 Cardinal in HK should alarm Christians and freedom loving people across the world. Others arrested include Denise Ho, Margaret Ng and Dr Keung accused of breaking the National Security Law. Amnesty International called it a ‘shocking escellation of repression.. a callous disregard for the basic right sof its citizens.’

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Emmanuel Church Concert

Incredible concert this evening at Wylde Green Emmanuel Church with a striking and impassioned solo of the Ukrainian National Anthem by, 11-year-old Ukrainian Melisa, who have fled Kiev and found sanctuary in Sutton Coldfield. Along with her family, mother Nataly, brother Akim and grandma Galina watching proudly, she gave the final performance of the evening- a highly emotive solo which filled every corner of the church leaving us all in no doubt of the pain and suffering of so many who have fled their homes, the loss, and the utter tragedy that have befallen hundreds of thousands of innocents.

A humbling evening made possible by the kind support of hundreds of residents, choir and musicians kindly giving up their evenings for free to raise funds for Ukraine, and the force of nature that is Richard Mason for making this evening happen.

Salisbury Gr- Petition to be Resurfaced

Many residents have contacted me asking me why Salisbury Grove is in such a terrible state of disrepair. The roads are managed by Birmingham City Council under a contract with KEIR. As your elected member I can- with your help- petition for certain roads to be looked at, but the decision ultimately rests with KEIR to see if it meets their requirements for works to be done.

We have together successfully got Broadsfield, Vesey and now Maney Hill Rd fully resurfaced and I am asking for your help to get Salisbury Gr looked at.

Please take a few moments to sign and share this petition. Your details will be held securely and only used to keep you informed on Wylde Green relevent matters, and submitted to Council. Please be sure to sign using your postcode as this will verify the signature.

With thanks in advance, Alex.

‘Russia’s Criminal Invasion of Ukraine is a Human Rights Catastrophe‘

@amnestyUK have gathered evidence that shows unarmed civilians in #Ukraine being killed by Russian Forces in their homes, buried in large pits. This is a #warcrime and needs to be evidenced, confronted and pursued. 11 million people displaced in the two months since Russia began this unwarranted and unprovoked aggression. #UkranianWar Please take the time to donate to this appeal if you can.

Lost in Translation? “你是中國人嗎?” 我是英國華人. “Are you Chinese?” Yes?

Responding to recent criticism and attacks directed to my friends and I, a misunderstanding has arisen with the term ‘Chinese’ when translated, especially when combined with political connotations of whether people who are ‘#Chinese’ are solely and exclusively from China. This shift and translational and cultural misunderstanding is starting to cause considerable tensions between, shall we say, people from ESEA (East and South-East Asia) descent and origins, which is now starting to spill over into insults, attacks and threats of violence.

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HongKongers out again in Harborne for the Conservatives

Out again with a wonderful group of HK friends in Birmingham from our local church campaigning for Cllr Peter Fowler and Harriet O’Hara in Harborne, and the Conservative Party. It was this government’s HK BNO policy which took the bold decision giving those who stood up for democracy, freedom of speech and self determination a safe route to leave the security clampdown on HK.

It is great to be able to talk to them directly in person after our leafletting sessions, and really listen to them about what they have been through in Hong Kong and how they are now settling in the UK. #FightforDemocracy

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Happy St. George’s Day!

Wishing everyone a happy St. George’s Day! Celebrating the date of his martyrdom where he died defending his Christian faith, St. George, slayer of Dragons, renowned for his bravery and strength, following the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, St. George’s Day became one of the most important feast days in the English calendar.

‘Cry God for Harry, England and St. George”!

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