R.I.P Sir David Amess

Jo Cox in 2016. Sir David Amess 2021. Reaching out in service and to help their local communities through surgeries and public meetings- at a church- only to be attacked and killed is an assult on our way of life, our democracy, and as an attack on an elected member and representative of us citizens, an attack on us all.

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“F-off home to China”? I am home thank you very much.

Hate crimes against anyone should not be tolerated and must be pursued vigorously to turn back tide of discrimination against so many innocents be it LGBTQ+, race, age, sex, and COVID related hate crime.

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R.I.P James Brokenshire MP

I once campaigned with James in Birmingham Erdington for the upcoming General Election in 2017 where he was friendly, kind and utterly down to earth. He was a brillliant minister, a dedicated consituency MP, loved and respected by all. He embodied the very best in politics- humility, service and patience. Thank you for all you have done for so many.


Thoughts Become Words Become Actions

And we wonder why there is so much hate targeted towards elected members, an increasing polarisation in our public discourse and intolerance on views by others. As Angela Rayner and others continue to cheerly use such disgusting phrases, proudly state how they could never be friends with a “Tory”, such thoughts and words will, in the words of Lau Tse, become the actions, habits, character and the destiny of not just individuals but of those you are carrying with you.

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Home to School Transport Failures Roll On

This September start of term has seen yet another catastrophic start of term for hundreds of children across the city with special educational needs of disabilities and their home to school transport service that is provided by the Council.

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Carrot in a Box. R.I.P Sean

Incredibly sad to hear of the sad passing of Sean Lock today. A brilliant comedian who brought so much joy and laughter into peoples lives. It is so sad to think about the issues that he was dealing with which so many did not know about, whilst still going about his shows, work and making people laugh right up to the end.

It is a solemn reminder to us all to be kind as we don’t know what the person next to us is going through.


May Local Elections 2021

A huge thanks to the hundreds of volunteers out campaigning and sharing our message, selflessly helping Andy Street and Jay Singh Sohal for the upcoming local elections. We as elected members simply could not do it without your kind support, help and good cheer helping us along no matter the weather!

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