EU Referendum


Open Letter:

The EU referendum marks a defining moment for our country and all its ethnic minority communities. The results will shape the direction of our country, our relationships with other nations and all our futures.

We, members of the British Chinese community from community centers, professional associations, businesses and charities, believe that Britain is stronger, safer and better off remaining as a member of the European Union.

Our forefathers came to Britain seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Through entrepreneurship, dedication and determination, we have found our place in UK society and secured a prosperous future for our community. This future is now exposed to a real risk of taking an unnecessary leap into the unknown.

We believe that leaving the EU will put our economy at risk, and bring about uncertainties to UK’s future trade relations. EU Membership makes us part of a the worlds largest single market with it’s customers, equal regulation, and security benefiting those who reach out and seek that challenge while securing for ethnic minorities protection from discrimination in the work place.

Within an increasingly interconnected world, the problems that we face in Britain –discrimination, racism, inequality, poverty, immigration and terrorism– are issues that increasingly transcend national borders. We can only address them by coming together, despite our differences, in discovery and commitment to that common ground that defines us all, not by removing ourselves from the EU.

As a minority community that has benefited tremendously from UK’s openness and inclusiveness, we the British Chinese people firmly believe that a Britain remaining in the EU will strengthen its openness and diversity and consequently maintain its international influence.

We thus call upon the 500,000 Chinese voters in the UK, as well as eligible British nationals overseas, to defend our country’s future and vote to remain in the EU. It is time for us to show our commitment to an open, diverse and progressive Britain that we are all proud of.

Key signatories:

Christine Lee, Director Christine Lee & Co (Solicitors) Ltd: 李贞驹女士,李贞驹律师行主席

Frank Leung,  梁日昌,香港英籍华人网络 副主席

Mr Woon Wing Yip OBE, Chair Wing Yip Group: 叶焕荣, 荣业行主席

Mr Stanley Tse, Chairman See Woo Group: 谢贵全, 泗和行主席

Mr Chu Ting Tang OBE, Chairman of London Chinatown Chinese Association 邓柱廷 OBE, 伦敦华埠商会主席

Mr Wu Shanxiong MBE, President UK Association for the Promotion of Chinese Education: 伍善雄 MBE,英国中文教育促进会会长

Lam Kin Bong, President Confederation Chinese Businesses UK: 林建邦, 英国中华工商联合会会长

Sun Wing Lay, Sun Winglay Nurseries: 丘百喜,伉俪 新永利农场

Cllr Alex Yip JP, 叶稳坚,议员太平绅士


For the full list of 69 signatories:

IF you wish to add you signature, please send your name title and organisation, English and Chinese, in the comments below

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