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International Development

Volunteering in Ghana
Ghana and Botswana 2005

Alex volunteered for three months across Ghana and Zambia 2005 distributing aid, voluntering at a local orphanage and working in local HIV hospital wards in very remote and impoverished areas.

Volunteering in Rwanda 2017
Project Umunabo

Alex volunteered through the Conservative Friends of International Development in Rwanda 2017- spending a few weeks teaching business skills and offering advice to local entrepeneurs.

Volunteering in Tanzania 2018
Project Urafiki 2018

Rwanda 2017 was followed up by Tanzania 2018 the next year, again teaching and holding a business course to local businesses and students. Joining a group of twenty other Conservatives from CFID, we took support over giving health, educational and business support combining sports and a cultural exchange between Britain and Tanzania.

Teaching in Shanghai 2004-2004
Teaching English in Shanghai

2004- 2005, Alex taught English in Shanghai through the British Council at a state secondary school. Teaching half a secondary school (eight classes of 25) speaking, reading and listening English to a group of very bright and eager pupils.

Volunteering in Ghana

While volunteering in Ghana, Alex also spent time volunteering at a secondary school teaching English and Maths for a few months.

Volunteering in Rwanda 2017

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