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Parliamentary Candidate

Proud to have been selected as the Parliamentary Candidate for the Conservative Party standing in Birmingham Edgbaston 2019

Born in Birmingham and having lived and studied in Edgbaston, I was delighted to be selected by the Edgbaston Association to be their candidate in the 2019 General Election.

Police Stations

The Labour Police Crime Commissioner has spent millions on PR, refurbishments and his office when it should go to front line services and keeping our local police stations open.

High Streets

Pictured here in Harborne High Street, we believe it is vitally important to support local businesses, small entrepreneurs and startups by keeping taxes low, red tape to a minimum to stimulate job creation and to help those who want to help themselves.

Birmingham Improvements

Birmingham under Andy Street has undergone considerable improvements in connectivity, tram improvements, keeping bus fares low and improving and opening new train stations. This is in stark contract to the Labour Group punishing drivers by establishing a Clean Air Zone- NOT mandated by the Government. We believe connectivity and an effecient reliable public transport network should be in place before busineses and motorists are forced into a difficult choice without a reliable alternative.

Campaigning with our Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Edgbaston Birmingham

Campaigning on a platform of change, better and stronger representation of local issues caused by a failing Labour local Council, and delivering on Brexit, many residents were raising concerns over.


My primary school was in Edgbaston and I am proud to support the many local state and private schools in Edgbaston, something that the Labour Group have pledged to roll back. I believe in a choice for parents and the need to support private schools that create so many jobs and lift up so many futures.


The NHS is a national treasure and priority. Yet every year the Labour group seek to politicise and weaponise this public service by allegations that the Conservatives would privatise or reduce funding of the NHS, when the truth is that funding for the NHS has only ever increased under the Conservatives, and after ten years of Government, the NHS still has not been nationalised. The NHS will always be safe under the Conservatives.

Local Community

We believe in being the difference you want to see in your local community. This is why I am a local councillor, to serve and help local groups, residents and to push for issues that people care about.

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