Labour Party Conference Approved Plans to Abolish all Independent and Private Schools

Labour Party Conference delegates voted to abolish all independent and private schools, and their intentions were confirmed in their 2019 manifesto. These plans have met with criticism from parents and tax experts.

Plans voted through at the Labour Party Conference would strip parents of their right to choose how their own children are educated and cost the country £7 billion just to pursue this socialist ideology.

Plans also ignore how families who are sending their children to independent schools are paying for the education of kids who don’t go to independent schools as well as their own children saving the school system some £3.5b a year. They also ignore the number of places offered to families from less well-off backgrounds through scholarships and bursaries supporting aspiration, and the jobs and revenue created through independent schools, as well as any trust or tenancy arrangements schools may have.

We have started a petition which I intend to submit to Birmingham City Council objecting to these plans. If you wish to sign it please follow the link here.