Sign the Petition to save our local bank services


I have recently been informed that the Natwest Bank at Wylde Green is to be closed.

The local bank is a vital service for local residents, traders and for our community. Many residents have been in touch me and I will be contacting Natwest to make the case for keeping the branch open.

I’m determined not to let this insensitive decision by a publicly owned bank go unchallenged and am asking for your help to sign and share an online petition I have set up. I intend to ask them to reconsider their decision.

While I appreciate that our chances are slim I cannot sit idly by and simply accept this decision as a fait-a-complis. The impact to local businesses, the High Street, the community vibe will be significant. We will need a substantial number of signatories to stand any chance at a fair hearing.

Please sign the petition through the link below.

Letters in support can be sent to:

C/O Cllr Alex Yip, 36 High Street, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1UP

If you are able to lend some time to help gather names please do get in touch at

Thank you very much for your time

Original attack in December covered by the Observer: