Residents Survey

Wylde Green Ward Survey
Wylde Green Residents Survey
Thank you for taking a few moments to fill in this residents survey. Your answers really help us to better understand local issues, any complaints you may have, and for us to better serve you. All answers are confidential and will be kept securely, only used for ward and local matters.

How have your waste collections been so far this year?

On a scale of 0-10 (where ten is excellent) how good do you rate the waste collection service in your road?

Crime- Any issues to report? (please tick all applicable)

Which are you most concerned about in the local area?

How safe do you feel walking around your local area? On a scale of 1-10 where ten is extremely safe.

How Satisfied are you with Birmingham City Council? on a scale of 1-10 where ten is extremely satisfied?

Which services are you not satisfied with from Birmingham City Council? (if any)

Which three of these local issues do you feel should be prioritised?

Do you support the Commonwealth Games coming to Birmingham?

If you know of any roads needing fixing please list them here

If you know of any flytipped rubbish needing clearing please list them here

Cost of Living
A few more questions on Cost of Living and your immediate surroudings- all questions are optional, we'd appreciate your feedback on your views.

Currently the first £12,570 of income tax is tax free. You then pay tax on any further money earnt. If the tax threshold was raised to £20,000 residents would keep up to an extra £124 a month. It would make it harder to pay down the national debt. Do you support the raising the tax threshold?

Do you think there is enough information available on switching Gas or Electricity supplier?

Do you think green levies added to energy bills to develop green energy should be temporarily paused to help with the cost of living?

Do you agree with the Governments new levy on energy price profits to help with the cost of bills?

Is the government doing enough to help with the cost of living crisis?

Your Details
If you are comfortable doing so, please include your name and address so we know exactly where the issues you have raised relate to, and so we can stay in touch. All information will be held securely and only used for ward and local matters by Cllr Yip.


Your address


Email Address

Are you able to help us do a few leaflets in your local area or get more involved with local campaigns?

To help us make this survey representative please let us know how you voted in the May Local Elections if you are comfortable doing.

Any Final Comments?
This is a section for you to add any other comments or details in addition to the questions and answers above.

Please share below any extra details on any issues you wish to share with us.

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