Christchurch’s response to Mosque shootings in March

Little seen in British press is the news that over 10,000 firearms have been bought by the New Zeland Government in a month as part of a gun buy-back scheme. 51 men women and children were killed in two mosques in March and since then the government has moved rapidly to react to the tragedy.Continue reading “Christchurch’s response to Mosque shootings in March”

Targeted Attacks at the Chinese Community

Following the spate of burglaries targeting Chinese families in Britain, I met with representatives from West Midlands police force to see what more could be done to reassure people. In response to this, Jonathan Lander, Chinese Community Liaison Officer from West

British Chinese Crime Survey

A few nights ago my parents forwarded two videos of a burglary aftermath- ransacked rooms, distressed voices in the background, lives scarred by such a personal, deliberate and targeted intrusion into their lives. I then separately received it from two friends on social media followed by a call from a resident in my ward demandingContinue reading “British Chinese Crime Survey”

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