Voter ID

Her Majesty’s Queens Speech this week will include a new Electoral Integrity Bill which will make photo ID’s a requirement at the ballot box, limit the number of relatives who can act as a proxy, and outlaw the “harvesting” of postal ballots by political parties and activists.

Unsurprisingly this has met with resistance from Labour MP’s, Councillors and activists who say this would threaten democratic participation and disenfranchise large sections of society. A central part of their argument is that approximately 3.5 million UK Citizens do not have access to photo ID and in 2013-14, around 11 million did not have a passport or driving licence and so potentially ineligible to vote.

The starting point in this debate must be the integrity of our democracy: would Voting ID’s restrict voting or enhance it’s integrity. I believe firmly in a strong democratic process that has integrity and in which people can rely upon.

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EHS Ethics Forum Discussion

Superb morning today at my sisters old school Edgbaston High School speaking on their Ethics Forum discussion panel covering questions posed by students including knife crime, homelessness, the use of language in politics, voting at 16, and of course Brexit!

Thank you for listening so respectfully to dissenting and opposing views, sharing, your sharp and insightful questions and being so wonderfully engaged in our democracy!

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Growing Economy!

Job stats show consistently that the economy is growing and getting stronger.

Employment is at a new record high

Unemployment has fallen by 1.2million since 2010

Wages are growing at their fastest in a decade

Income tax has gone up from £6,450 in 2010 to £12,400 now- lifting record numbers of people out of paying ay income tax at all.

Borrowing is at a 17 year low

Britain is outperforming Germany, France, Italy, Japan and many other countries.

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Ask Andy

Andy has continued his tour around the West Midlands hosting his “Ask Andy” events, this time in Sutton Coldfield. Around 70 Sutton residents braved the winter weather to ask Andy a wide range of questions from Green Belt protection, the decline of our high streets, cycling and future technologies. Answered with humility and experience and unafraid to get back to residents if he did not have the complete answer, Andy is someone who once you meet, you will know he is not your normal politician.

Birmingham Young Conservatives

Calling all Young Conservatives! Come get involved!

We have successfully established a Birmingham Young Conservatives Branch. October 2018 26 under 25yr olds came together to form and officially launch the BYCY at the end of the 2018 Conservative Conference together with Tom Pusgrove MP

If you are under 25 and interested in getting involved drop me a message!