The Death of Jo Cox MP


We are profoundly shocked, horrified and saddened to hear of the death of Jo Cox MP, a passionate campaigner for social justice, Syrian refugees, a former head of policy for Oxfam, a public servant elected to represent residents and make a difference to Britain.

No matter what our differences, our personal beliefs, we can all listen and disagree with respect, speak with passion and conviction on any issue, but never let that strength turn into anger and hate. Everyone only ever seeks to do what they believe to be right and what is best. 

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The forgotten of the Forgotten


More than 100,000 Chinese men volunteered for the Chinese Labour Corps with the first arriving in the West in 1917 often doing the most dangerous tasks, moving ammunition, clearing bodies, trench digging. They were contracted to work for three years, 10 hours a week for 7 days a week with only 3 days off a year. A significant number died and are buried in commonwealth war graves. In France one such cemetery has inscribed on headstones the proverb ‘Faithful unto death’, ‘A good reputation endures forever’, ‘A noble duty bravely done’ and ‘Though dead he still liveth’.

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All the world is a stage. And all the men and women are merely players..


Former Liberal Democrat Leader Charles Kennedy died at his home aged just 55.

Events like this often from shock and surprise begin a large outpouring of tributes from family, friends, colleagues and past political opponents. Complements and sharing from friends and foe alike that he will never know compound the tragedy of his passing; that he will never know the esteem with which so many held him in. A dedicated politician, like so many devoted his life and purpose to making the country a better place. We may differ in direction but not in the purpose. The sudden and untimely passing of Charles, stirs up such reflection and inspection of his life and it’s legacy upon us all, also for us stirs up feelings of what we ourselves have accomplished, how we will be remembered, what we too will inevitably leave behind.

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“So much universe, and so little time”

Terry Pratchett (col) c Robin Matthews.JPG

March 12th saw the death of one of my favourite authors Terry Pratchett OBE. I have spent countless hours of my life flicking through already well thumbed paperbacks looking for that one witty turn of phrase that summed up my feelings perfectly, or recounting those story plots of such imagination and ingenuity amazed how anyone could put together a world so weird, so impossible, and yet so utterly believable and somehow rooted in reality.

“Don’t think of it as dying.. Just think of it as leaving early to avoid the rush.” Good Omens.

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Boldly go..

leonard nimoy

Star Trek is a wonderful part of my life and Leonard Nimoy was a very rich part of my idealistic youth. It represented everything that I hoped the world would be- united in peace and exploration, as one Mankind in search for knowledge and understanding, where war, money and greed was a thing of the past.

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