Travel Assist- a failed service failing Disabled Children

Back in early October, over a month on from when guides and chaperones were arbitrarily removed from school routes taking disabled children to and from their home three days before the start of term, parents and schools had yet to hear back from officers

0_travel-assist-protest-92018regarding a way forward.

Questions have been asked how these potentially dangerous and last minute changes could have been put through, what is being done to safeguard these children, what risk assessments have been done and why lessons have not been learnt from past years and the OFSTED inspection a few weeks ago. And despite meetings and reassurances given for immediate replies, no answers have been given.

As the Shadow Cabinet Member for Children’s Wellbeing, I have been leading the voice for the parents. I have yet to receive satisfactory answers, but I am pushing hard to have the questions raised, answered by those who have implemented these changes.

Over the weeks I have had meetings with parents, whose children have been affected by this poor decision. Many have expressed that they are their wits end and are at a total disappointment with the actions condoned by the Council.


As the Governor at Wilson Stuart School, one of the schools affected, I have formally asked for a review into the Travel Service system to ascertain exactly what happened in September, if risk assessments were done to children affected as suggested, that only the children with the lowest needs had their guiding support removed, and why parents and schools were not consulted ahead of these changes being imposed.

With just days after OFSTED rendering a damning judgment on the council’s SEND department, if the Council cannot safeguard the wellbeing of 30 disabled children to and from school, and cannot treat children, schools and families in a humane and compassionate manner, how are we able to trust them with the running of the wider council?

I will continue my battle for these children, schools and parents until all questions have been rightfully answered.

Birmingham Young Conservatives

Ever determined to support the growing number of unheard young Conservatives in Birmingham, together with the West Midlands Mayor Andy Street we have established a Birmingham YC Branch!


Over several meetings hosted at various locations including the BCEC Birmingham, we have got over 35 people from a variety of backgrounds all under 25 keen to get involved and drive this forward.

With the lead up to Conservative Party Conference in October hosted in Birmingham, and with so many opportunities to get involved this is a brilliant time to get involved.

I am very inspired by what a group of passionate individuals such as the ones around the table are setting out to achieve- to really be the difference they want to see in the city. We in the Conservative Party are supporting them all the way


Do get in touch if you are interested in getting stuck in!

Home for Good- Chinese Community Centre Birmingham

35686644_10156577178487112_434601942476390400_oDelighted to be part of wonderful civic leaders and generous donors including the Lord Mayor of Birmingham Cllr Yvonne Mosquito, Dr Yeow Poon, Bill Good, Marcus Hawley, the ever generous James Wong, Wellington Yau, and Anna Yim. Over the one evening we raised over £10,000 for a brilliant cause led by the CCC-B. The money will go to help the centre facilitate the speedy return of elderly Chinese people from hospital back home supporting their long term recovery and freeing up vitally needed beds at hospital.


Thank you for the generosity of so many and the generosity of so many including James at the Chung Ying for hosting.

Sutton Coldfield Youth Council- Mental Health Awareness Week

img_3771.jpgSCYC Mental Health Booklet 2018

A big well done to members of the Sutton Coldfield Youth Council and students from Sutton Coldfield College for completing their two-day Youth Mental Health First Aid training on Friday 10th May ready for Mental Health Awareness Week!

The Sutton Coldfield Youth Council, is an assembly of students from each of the eight secondary schools and colleges in Sutton Coldfield, aiming to lead social action projects to make a positive impact in the local community.

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Future of Birmingham City: Business Roundtable Meeting


In February, I held a Business Roundtable meeting co-hosted by Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands Combined Authority, and Cllrs. Robert Alden and Randal Brew, Leader  and Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group in Birmingham to hear directly from local businesses about their suggestions for the future of Birmingham.


Our city needs a change in how it does things and we wanted to hear about what Continue reading Future of Birmingham City: Business Roundtable Meeting

British Chinese Crime Survey

A few nights ago my parents forwarded two videos of a burglary aftermath- ransacked rooms, distressed voices in the background, lives scarred by such a personal, deliberate and targeted intrusion into their lives.

burlgary.jpgI then separately received it from two friends on social media followed by a call from a resident in my ward demanding what I was going to do about it. They were all from Chinese families. One resident told me that one of the burglars caught had a pocket book of other addresses- all of Chinese addresses.

Even if it was not true, it showed the fear in the community. I asked a friend who spent hours translating a survey into Chinese for me and put it online asking British Chinese people across the country for their thoughts and experiences. If they have suffered from criminality in the past few years, they needed to stand up and let it be known so the authorities know about it and to push for something more  to be done

In only a few days we have received hundreds of

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KIDS- Short Breaks funding to be cut


Under the proposed budget consultation for the city 2017-2018, the funding for KIDS, Sutton Coldfield is due to be cut.

The centre provides short breaks and care for 0-5yr old children with disabilities and their families. They have suffered financial uncertainty year on year including this year, making it very hard for them to plan their long term future.

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