Election Husting


Fantastic evening discussing brexit, social welfare and immigration tonight with Cllr. Yvonne Mosquito (Labour) and Lee Dargue (Lib Dem) at the Chinese Community Centre Birmingham ahead of the local elections on May 3rd!

Thank you Dr Yeow Poon for chairing the event and to everyone behind the organisation of this!

A live stream of the event can be found on Facebook by Eventcast and on my profile.

Keep an eye out for more videos to come!


Let’s turn Birmingham blue on May 3rd!

Future of Birmingham City: Business Roundtable Meeting


In February, I held a Business Roundtable meeting co-hosted by Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands Combined Authority, and Cllrs. Robert Alden and Randal Brew, Leader  and Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group in Birmingham to hear directly from local businesses about their suggestions for the future of Birmingham.


Our city needs a change in how it does things and we wanted to hear about what Continue reading

British Chinese Crime Survey

A few nights ago my parents forwarded two videos of a burglary aftermath- ransacked rooms, distressed voices in the background, lives scarred by such a personal, deliberate and targeted intrusion into their lives.

burlgary.jpgI then separately received it from two friends on social media followed by a call from a resident in my ward demanding what I was going to do about it. They were all from Chinese families. One resident told me that one of the burglars caught had a pocket book of other addresses- all of Chinese addresses.

Even if it was not true, it showed the fear in the community. I asked a friend who spent hours translating a survey into Chinese for me and put it online asking British Chinese people across the country for their thoughts and experiences. If they have suffered from criminality in the past few years, they needed to stand up and let it be known so the authorities know about it and to push for something more  to be done

In only a few days we have received hundreds of

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