HongKongers out again in Harborne for the Conservatives

Out again with a wonderful group of HK friends in Birmingham from our local church campaigning for Cllr Peter Fowler and Harriet O’Hara in Harborne, and the Conservative Party. It was this government’s HK BNO policy which took the bold decision giving those who stood up for democracy, freedom of speech and self determination aContinue reading “HongKongers out again in Harborne for the Conservatives”

Campaigning with Birmingham Hongkongers

For the sixth time now, delighted to be joined by our merry band of newly arrived Hongkongers in Birmingham, some from their local church- the BCEC, out campaigning this time for our two brilliant Conservative candidates- Dominic and Connor, who are standing up for a better future in Quinton ward.

Thoughts Become Words Become Actions

And we wonder why there is so much hate targeted towards elected members, an increasing polarisation in our public discourse and intolerance on views by others. As Angela Rayner and others continue to cheerly use such disgusting phrases, proudly state how they could never be friends with a “Tory”, such thoughts and words will, inContinue reading “Thoughts Become Words Become Actions”

Paul Bristow for Peterborough!

‪Sajid Javid MP here this afternoon backing Paul Bristow the Conservative candidate for Peterborough- it is the Conservatives who have the right local candidate, the right economic message, are the party who will deliver on Brexit, will put our country first and bring us together ‬afterwards.

Greg Clark Fundraising

Delighted to host our third Conservative Fundraising dinner in Birmingham for AndyStreet and the Birmingham Conservatives this year with our special guest Greg Clark MP Business Secretary. Immensely grateful as ever for the support of friends, family, sponsors and colleagues who together helped us make the event such a great success. We welcomed 240 peopleContinue reading “Greg Clark Fundraising”

Birmingham Young Conservatives

Calling all Young Conservatives! Come get involved! We have successfully established a Birmingham Young Conservatives Branch. October 2018 26 under 25yr olds came together to form and officially launch the BYCY at the end of the 2018 Conservative Conference together with Tom Pusgrove MP If you are under 25 and interested in getting involved dropContinue reading “Birmingham Young Conservatives”

Birmingham Young Conservatives

Ever determined to support the growing number of unheard young Conservatives in Birmingham, together with the West Midlands Mayor Andy Street we have established a Birmingham YC Branch! Over several meetings hosted at various locations including the BCEC Birmingham, we have got over 35 people from a variety of backgrounds all under 25 keen toContinue reading “Birmingham Young Conservatives”

East Lewisham By-election

By-Elections are a real test of candidates and campaign resources. many of us acros sthe country were proud to come down to East Lewisham to campaign for Ross Archer who has stood repeatedly in the area most recently as Mayor- Local candidates who know and believe in the area they are from. Over to days,Continue reading “East Lewisham By-election”

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