Arrests after reports of FGM in unregistered Birmingham School

Three men have been arrested in connection with reports of #FGM offences at an unregistered Birmingham school. While investigations are continuing I will be following up on these allegations of this abuse going undetected in our city on children at Council as soon as possible. The full extent of this must be determined and thoseContinue reading “Arrests after reports of FGM in unregistered Birmingham School”

No Waste Collections; No Accountability; No Transparency

Appalling scenes at our Birmingham City Council Full Council meeting this evening where the Birmingham Labour Group repeatedly blocked efforts by the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Group to discuss the Lib Dem’s motion calling ‘No Confidence’ in the city’s waste service.

How Safe are our Children?

A full independent inquiry is to take place into the council’s home to school transport service after it was revealed that SEVEN children were taken to wrong schools at the start of the Autumn term. Meanwhile Cllr Kate Booth, continued to refuse calls to accept responsibilty and resign, insisting that she was ‘sticking with’ herContinue reading “How Safe are our Children?”

Council Tax Refunds for Missed Waste Collections- Rejected twice by Labour

Two sets of bin strikes paralysed the city from 2017 ending only in March this year. Do you remember the inconvenience and mess for this basic service? Not only did they cause misery for thousands of residents with some not having any collections for 10 consecutive weeks, but they cost the city a over aContinue reading “Council Tax Refunds for Missed Waste Collections- Rejected twice by Labour”

Home-to-School Transport for 0-25yr olds in Education

Labour-controlled Birmingham City Council today voted to push ahead with an entire overhaul of their 0-25yr old home-to-school Assisted Transport service despite concerns raised by parents, cross party councillors and the Department for Education. These changes combine all transport arrangements for everyone using home-to-school transport. After the initial decision was ‘called in’ by my myselfContinue reading “Home-to-School Transport for 0-25yr olds in Education”

Travel Assist- a failed service failing Disabled Children

Back in early October, over a month on from when guides and chaperones were arbitrarily removed from school routes taking disabled children to and from their home three days before the start of term, parents and schools had yet to hear back from officers regarding a way forward.

An efficient Birmingham Council

Efficiency is at the heart of any strong business and country. The answer cannot be relentlessly throwing more money good after bad, but living within our means, a strong growing economy, a fair society that works for everyone and crucially making sure that resources are directed to where they are needed and not wasted needlessly. Birmingham’sContinue reading “An efficient Birmingham Council”

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