KEVI Camp Hill Community Governorship

Delighted to be accepted as a Community Governor at my old secondary school King Edwards Camp Hill Boys in Kings Heath. Last week I was back at school after 20 years to observe a few lessons with fellow governors, see the changes to the buildings, and to sit on the same uncomfortable science stools (andContinue reading “KEVI Camp Hill Community Governorship”

Voter ID

Her Majesty’s Queens Speech this week will include a new Electoral Integrity Bill which will make photo ID’s a requirement at the ballot box, limit the number of relatives who can act as a proxy, and outlaw the “harvesting” of postal ballots by political parties and activists. Unsurprisingly this has met with resistance from LabourContinue reading “Voter ID”

EHS Ethics Forum Discussion

Superb morning today at my sisters old school Edgbaston High School speaking on their Ethics Forum discussion panel covering questions posed by students including knife crime, homelessness, the use of language in politics, voting at 16, and of course Brexit! Thank you for listening so respectfully to dissenting and opposing views, sharing, your sharp andContinue reading “EHS Ethics Forum Discussion”

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