Campaigning with Birmingham Hongkongers

For the sixth time now, delighted to be joined by our merry band of newly arrived Hongkongers in Birmingham, some from their local church- the BCEC, out campaigning this time for our two brilliant Conservative candidates- Dominic and Connor, who are standing up for a better future in Quinton ward.

We All Have A Voice

Had a lot of fun speaking on a cross-party panel of Councillors for I Have AVoice, on the importance of voter registration, participation andrepresentation for everyone in our great country- especially young adults whoso often feel under represented, marginalised and generally have a lower turnout for elections. Elections come around once every few years andContinue reading “We All Have A Voice”

Voter ID

Her Majesty’s Queens Speech this week will include a new Electoral Integrity Bill which will make photo ID’s a requirement at the ballot box, limit the number of relatives who can act as a proxy, and outlaw the “harvesting” of postal ballots by political parties and activists. Unsurprisingly this has met with resistance from LabourContinue reading “Voter ID”

Growing Economy!

Job stats show consistently that the economy is growing and getting stronger. Employment is at a new record high Unemployment has fallen by 1.2million since 2010 Wages are growing at their fastest in a decade Income tax has gone up from £6,450 in 2010 to £12,400 now- lifting record numbers of people out of payingContinue reading “Growing Economy!”

Paul Bristow for Peterborough!

‪Sajid Javid MP here this afternoon backing Paul Bristow the Conservative candidate for Peterborough- it is the Conservatives who have the right local candidate, the right economic message, are the party who will deliver on Brexit, will put our country first and bring us together ‬afterwards.

Peterborough By-Election Looming..

After Fiona Onasanya MP refused to resign following her conviction for perverting the course of justice in December, residents in Peterborough have started the Recall Petition to get her removed. I am confident that the threshold of 10% of eligible voters will be easily passed triggering a fresh start for Peterborough. A jury unanimously convictedContinue reading “Peterborough By-Election Looming..”

East Lewisham By-election

By-Elections are a real test of candidates and campaign resources. many of us acros sthe country were proud to come down to East Lewisham to campaign for Ross Archer who has stood repeatedly in the area most recently as Mayor- Local candidates who know and believe in the area they are from. Over to days,Continue reading “East Lewisham By-election”

Brave New World

Walking ahead of my parents, sister and girlfriend towards the Town Hall on the night of the count, was a very odd feeling. A degree in politics, seven years as a school governor, six as a magistrate, had sold my stable family businesses, hours of walking, and thousands upon thousands of leaflets, committing to thisContinue reading “Brave New World”

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