Council Tax Refunds for Missed Waste Collections- Rejected twice by Labour

Two sets of bin strikes paralysed the city from 2017 ending only in March this year. Do you remember the inconvenience and mess for this basic service? Not only did they cause misery for thousands of residents with some not having any collections for 10 consecutive weeks, but they cost the city a over aContinue reading “Council Tax Refunds for Missed Waste Collections- Rejected twice by Labour”

Council Tax Refund- Council Decision 4 – 4 Against

The petition calling for a proportional refund to Birmingham City residents’ council tax for over 3 months of waste collections strikes gathered over 14,400 signatories triggering a decision by the Scrutiny Committee. I was proud to commit on behalf of so many my argument why residents are entitled to a refund. Residents have received inContinue reading “Council Tax Refund- Council Decision 4 – 4 Against”

An efficient Birmingham Council

Efficiency is at the heart of any strong business and country. The answer cannot be relentlessly throwing more money good after bad, but living within our means, a strong growing economy, a fair society that works for everyone and crucially making sure that resources are directed to where they are needed and not wasted needlessly. Birmingham’sContinue reading “An efficient Birmingham Council”

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