Thoughts Become Words Become Actions

And we wonder why there is so much hate targeted towards elected members, an increasing polarisation in our public discourse and intolerance on views by others. As Angela Rayner and others continue to cheerly use such disgusting phrases, proudly state how they could never be friends with a “Tory”, such thoughts and words will, inContinue reading “Thoughts Become Words Become Actions”

COVID Related Hate Crime on the Increase

Since the beginning of COVID there has been a 300% increase in reported hatecrimes against people of SEAsian and Chinese background heritage. Last Februarywe saw an innocent Singaporean student beaten up in a public place in anunprovoked attack with a group of boys saying “We don’t want yourcoronavirus in our country”. The harm meted againstContinue reading “COVID Related Hate Crime on the Increase”

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