‘Russia’s Criminal Invasion of Ukraine is a Human Rights Catastrophe‘

@amnestyUK have gathered evidence that shows unarmed civilians in #Ukraine being killed by Russian Forces in their homes, buried in large pits. This is a #warcrime and needs to be evidenced, confronted and pursued. 11 million people displaced in the two months since Russia began this unwarranted and unprovoked aggression. #UkranianWar Please take the timeContinue reading “‘Russia’s Criminal Invasion of Ukraine is a Human Rights Catastrophe‘”

Sponsor a Ukranian Family

Incredible meeting with faith leaders of many faiths across the UK supporting #UkranianRefugees into Britain. If you, your church, business, charity are able to consider sponsoring a Ukranian family- they do not have to live with you!- do sign up via http://www.sanctuaryfoundation.org.uk #SponsorARefugee @krishk

Citizens UK: Birmingham, Six Year Anniversary

Citizens UK: Birmingham Alliance celebrated six years of community organising in the city this month. The celebration was held with a special event hosted at St Chad’s Cathedral to demonstrate its success and growth throughout the years. The event was attended by 54 leaders from across Birmingham. I was invited to attend the event forContinue reading “Citizens UK: Birmingham, Six Year Anniversary”

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