R.I.P Sir David Amess

Jo Cox in 2016. Sir David Amess 2021. Reaching out in service and to help their local communities through surgeries and public meetings- at a church- only to be attacked and killed is an assult on our way of life, our democracy, and as an attack on an elected member and representative of us citizens,Continue reading “R.I.P Sir David Amess”

R.I.P James Brokenshire MP

I once campaigned with James in Birmingham Erdington for the upcoming General Election in 2017 where he was friendly, kind and utterly down to earth. He was a brillliant minister, a dedicated consituency MP, loved and respected by all. He embodied the very best in politics- humility, service and patience. Thank you for all youContinue reading “R.I.P James Brokenshire MP”

Carrot in a Box. R.I.P Sean

Incredibly sad to hear of the sad passing of Sean Lock today. A brilliant comedian who brought so much joy and laughter into peoples lives. It is so sad to think about the issues that he was dealing with which so many did not know about, whilst still going about his shows, work and makingContinue reading “Carrot in a Box. R.I.P Sean”

RIP Cllr Ray Hassall, Mayor of Birmingham 2015-16

Ray passed away 12th March 2017 suddenly and to the shock and sadness of everyone in Birmingham City Council. Ray was very much loved, respected as an incredibly hard working councillor for Perry Barr, a true gentleman who had time and a story for everyone.

The Death of Jo Cox MP

We are profoundly shocked, horrified and saddened to hear of the death of Jo Cox MP, a passionate campaigner for social justice, Syrian refugees, a former head of policy for Oxfam, a public servant elected to represent residents and make a difference to Britain. No matter what our differences, our personal beliefs, we can allContinue reading “The Death of Jo Cox MP”

All the world is a stage. And all the men and women are merely players..

Former Liberal Democrat Leader Charles Kennedy died at his home aged just 55. Events like this often from shock and surprise begin a large outpouring of tributes from family, friends, colleagues and past political opponents. Complements and sharing from friends and foe alike that he will never know compound the tragedy of his passing; thatContinue reading “All the world is a stage. And all the men and women are merely players..”

“So much universe, and so little time”

March 12th saw the death of one of my favourite authors Terry Pratchett OBE. I have spent countless hours of my life flicking through already well thumbed paperbacks looking for that one witty turn of phrase that summed up my feelings perfectly, or recounting those story plots of such imagination and ingenuity amazed how anyone could putContinue reading ““So much universe, and so little time””

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