Sutton Coldfield Youth Council- Mental Health Awareness Week

img_3771.jpgSCYC Mental Health Booklet 2018

A big well done to members of the Sutton Coldfield Youth Council and students from Sutton Coldfield College for completing their two-day Youth Mental Health First Aid training on Friday 10th May ready for Mental Health Awareness Week!

The Sutton Coldfield Youth Council, is an assembly of students from each of the eight secondary schools and colleges in Sutton Coldfield, aiming to lead social action projects to make a positive impact in the local community.

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Brownfield Sites First: Infrastructure for Residents First.

project fields4

It is with great disappointment that the reasonable and considered arguments of my fellow councillors, Cllr’s Barrie and Wood, and myself, were not listened today in the Council Chamber of Birmingham City Council. As acknowledged by all those present, and the Lord Mayor himself, my speech- representing the views, interests and a 10,000 strong petition- was met with heckles and fell on deaf ears.

We entered the chamber with a cross-party set of proposals- build on some of the 28,000 identified brownfield sites first, get the infrastructure in first so that residents are spared the misery of inadequate local services.

projectfields3I left disappointed and crushed with how party politics had won the day.

10: Birmingham development Plan adoption.

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Safety on our roads


I was delighted to submit to Council a petition of some 4,404 names calling for safety improvements to a junction near a secondary school. This junction has seen many accidents, cars turned over, speeding, and is used by thousands of school children.

Our first priority should be to ensure the safety of our children and residents, and the voice of residents should not be ignored. Many people have said how dangerous this junction is, how fast cars drive down it and how a life is waiting to be lost. I hope that residents will be heard before it is too late.

With students, residents and road users I call on the council to make the necessary funding available to make this junction safe for all users.

Sutton Coldfield Residents say no to Building on the Green Belt


An overwhelming number of Sutton Coldfield residents are opposed to plans by developers to build on the Green Belt. With the consultation period drawing to a close, Project Fields, local Councillors and residents associations came out on one last push to demonstrate clearly this feeling.

Britain’s Green Belt areas are entrusted to us for future generations. They were designed to check urban sprawl and to place pressure on developers to be innovative in their use of Read More