Council Tax Refunds for Missed Waste Collections- Rejected twice by Labour

Two sets of bin strikes paralysed the city from 2017 ending only in March this year. Do you remember the inconvenience and mess for this basic service? Not only did they cause misery for thousands of residents with some not having any collections for 10 consecutive weeks, but they cost the city a over a staggering £15m in total.

Two years ago this week, I submitted a petition of over 14,500 signatories from residents calling for a proportional refund to their council tax. Calls for this apology refund was disgracefully voted down at committee- on the Labour Chair’s casting vote after it was tied 4-4 in December 2017.

Incredibly waste strikes resumed December 2018 lasting a further 3 months until March 2019. The final insult to residents..

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Four waste Cabinet Members in less than one year..

Well this sums up Birmingham City Council for you. After just three months in charge, Cllr Brett O’Reilly is stepping down as the city’s Clean Streets, Waste and Recycling Cabinet Member.

The waste strikes in Birmingham have cost the city well over £12 million pounds and is being subsidised by funds meant for vulnerable older people. It is the collective failure of the Labour controlled council which has caused the strikes and their mismanagement that has cost the city dearly in money and reputation.

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Council Tax Refund- Council Decision 4 – 4 Against

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The petition calling for a proportional refund to Birmingham City residents’ council tax for over 3 months of waste collections strikes gathered over 14,400 signatories triggering a decision by the Scrutiny Committee.

I was proud to commit on behalf of so many my argument why residents are entitled to a refund. Residents have received in 14 weeks of strikes, with some having 7 consecutive missed collections, massive inconvenience to a basic service and obligation by the Council. There was a huge impact to residents and the reputation of the city nationally as well as potential heath risks and the costs incurred by so many who took their waste to the local skip by themselves.

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